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Celebrating 50 Years of Business Making Car & Truck Exhaust Systems – 1960 to 2010







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Waldron’s is an American company that has served the car hobby since 1960

We produce exhaust components and systems for nearly all Domestic passenger cars and light trucks produced from the early 1900’s through the 1980’s.



Our History


Founded in 1960, Waldron’s Exhaust has served over 45,000 vintage car owners, restorers and exhaust installers! Waldron’s products are sold through our web store and via telephone as well as several national catalogs, other web stores, whole sellers and retailers. Waldron’s is proud to have customers in every US state and Canadian province as well as Europe, Australia, South America, Mexico and Asia.


In recent years Waldron’s has developed several innovative exhaust products including the Driver’s Controlled Exhaust (DCE & VOE-2) and the Arvinode Exhaust kit for the 1965 Mustang K code 289. Using the same technology, Waldron’s has been able to develop applications, implementing these products, for many vehicles. Waldron’s continues to expand the product line-up through the 1980’s as those products are now considered “antiques.”
Waldron’s web store provides a complete shopping experience for our customers. Our customers find us today primarily through the internet, repeat customers, referrals and Hemmings magazines. Waldron’s began advertising in Hemmings Motor News in 1965 and is one of Hemmings’ oldest continuous advertisers. We are especially proud of the various car club pages that reference us or have links to our web page!
In the spring of 2007, Waldron’s Antique Exhaust caught the eye of Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage through our Hemmings Motor News advertisement. Waldron’s made a stainless steel exhaust system for Jay Leno’s 1951 Hudson Hornet. Jay Leno personally called the shop and invited Waldron’s out to do a web video to be featured on Jay Leno’s Garage web site. See the link on the Waldron’s home page.


Waldron’s can count Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage as one of our repeat customers.

Previous owner, Joe Tonietto, is enjoying his retirement restoring his latest project, a 1934 Ford Pickup Street Rod along with his 1968 Pontiac GTO. We are grateful to Julie Tonietto for implementing Lean Engineering teachings and common processes to help us grow and improve quality and profitability. We are grateful to Joe for his technical excellence, quality and customer focus and moving the company on-line that has allowed the company to become one of Michigan’s fastest growing micro small businesses. Joe and Julie are enjoying extensive travel. We wish them well.


Our founder, Burton Waldron is currently enjoying retirement in Michigan with his wife and family. Burt began manufacturing exhaust systems for vintage cars and trucks in Nottawa, Michigan in 1960. Through the course of 45 years, he procured "patterns" for exhaust pipes, Y pipes, H pipes, mufflers and tailpipes from a number of sources including "take-offs" from customer vehicles and swap meets. He purchased old stock inventory from other manufacturers, dealer inventories from muffler shops and distributors. During this time, Waldron’s primary sales avenue was swap meets. Customers began calling the shop to place new orders and giving referrals to friends. We are grateful to Burt for the excellent foundation he provided and wish him and his wife a long and happy retirement.


Owner, Jon Shetler began his tutelage with the Waldron’s in 1999 and in 2010 took over ownership of Waldron’s Exhaust. Under Burt and Joe’s guidance, Jon developed his skill set and knowledge of the exhaust trade. Jon is one of the world’s finest pipes benders both in duplicating patterns and bending to data cards. Jon is supported by an experienced and skilled technical staff and a friendly and capable sales staff. Waldron’s Exhaust, under Jon’s leadership, will continue to add new and unique offerings to the product line-up while maintaining Waldron’s high quality and competitive prices.



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We guarantee that our complete systems will fit your vehicle just like the original exhaust system.
Installation will typically require some amount of adjustment for fit, but if you encounter significant alignment or interference problems, contact us immediately and we will work with you to resolve any issues.





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