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NEW !!

Now available from

1963-65 Buick Riviera Set of 6 OE Style Hangers



1963-65 Buick Riviera Set of 6 OE Style Hangers


Waldron's Exhaust now builds this set of 6 OE style hangers. Order yours today!


Click Here



1963-65 Ford Fairlane Dual Exhaust




1963-65 Ford Fairlane Dual Exhaust A & K codes Stainless Steel or Aluminized Steel


If you have the stock 260, 289 or HiPo 289 with single exhaust but would like to change it to a dual exhaust system, this is the system for you! 

System consists of H pipe, LS/RS muffler assembly and LS/RS resonator w/tailspout. 

Both K-code and A-code dual exhaust systems require the modifications to the rear brake hose to allow for clearance with the driver’s side exhaust pipes. Only the A-code system requires modifications to the parking brake anchors for 1963 Fairlanes. All Fairlanes with an A-code system will need installation of the parking brake cable supports. Only the 1965 Fairlane has pre-fabricated holes for the A-code intermediate hangers. For 1963-64 Fairlanes, holes will have to be drilled for mounting these hangers.



Waldron’s Exhaust is proud to introduce a reproduction dual exhaust system for 1957 and 1958 Chrysler 300C/D coupes.


This new system provides Chrysler 300 owners and restorers with a reproduction of the original 2 ¼” diameter exhaust pipes. It incorporates full-length mufflers that match the original muffler length and the correct angle-cut tailpipe outlets.


To improve breathing – and performance - the “factory-installed” exhaust system for the 1957 300C and the 1958 300D featured 2.25” diameter exhaust pipes from the exhaust manifold outlets to the muffler inlets. Most aftermarket and service systems have been produced with only 2” diameter exhaust pipes. Shetler explains that “tight clearances and low production volumes led the service/aftermarket suppliers to substitute 2” diameter parts for the 300C and D Chryslers. We are proud to be able to offer a correct reproduction that restores the appearance and performance potential offered by the larger diameter exhaust pipes.”


Customers can select “OE” type mufflers or Waldron’s IMPOSTOR performance mufflers with better flow characteristics and a more aggressive sound. Customers who already have the correct mufflers can purchase the pipe kit that fits the original OEM mufflers.



Dual Transverse muffler for 1970-74 Firebird, Trans Am and Formula

Restore the original sound to your Formula, Trans Am or Firebird with our new dual transverse muffler!

We have been providing dual exhaust systems for the second-generation Firebird/Formula/Trans Am for many years.

We utilized a transverse muffler design that was similar, but not identical, to the original Pontiac design.
Recently, we were asked to provide a dual transverse muffler that sounded “like the original muffler on steroids”.

This muffler is the result of our efforts. The first unit was installed on James Rotella’s 72 Trans Am.

Click here to listen:

Dual Transverse muffler for 1970-74 Firebird, Trans Am and Formula

This muffler is designed to sound like the original dual unit, but it incorporates larger internal tubes for higher flow rates.
We also utilized contemporary materials and sound absorption techniques to provide an authoritative, “Pontiac” sound without any interior resonance or drone.
You can read Mr. Rotella’s feedback: Click here


This muffler is available in aluminized steel or T409 stainless steel.
Several sizes are available:
Original size: 2.25” dual inlets, 2.00” dual outlets
2.25” inlets X 2.25” outlets
2.50” inlets X 2.25” outlets
2.50” inlets X 2.50” outlets




NEW PRODUCT: 1994-98 V6 Mustang Arvinode kit

Waldron’s and SATCAR Racing have combined their efforts to create an “Arvinode” style kit for V6 Mustangs with single exhaust.
Designed to easily replace the original system from the back of the Y pipe rearward, the system provides a distinctive sound and reduced back pressure.

Finished installation looking forward from rear
Finished installation looking forward from rear

This new kit consists of a new intermediate pipe, “Arvinode” style quarter-wave resonator, tailpipe and all required clamps, fasteners and gaskets.
The resonator provides a deeper, performance tone without any drone or annoying cabin noise.

Improve your Mustang’s performance and sound!
Kit price: $215
Optional stainless steel dual outlet tip with stainless steel clamp: ADD $80

Finishd installation - Y pipe outlet to resonator connector pipe (2)
Finishd installation - Y pipe outlet to resonator connector pipe




Kit Installed



“Arvinode” Dual Exhaust System



Our reproduction of the original, “Arvinode” dual exhaust system is now available. This system fits all 64-66 289 Mustangs with dual exhaust.



Arvinode Dual Exhaust System



Driver Controlled Exhaust (DCE) muffler

It provides the driver with dual-mode control of an internal bypass BUILT INTO THE MUFFLER!

Choose between QUIET and OPEN modes.


The sound of performance muffler with the quiet, comfortable cruising of a stock muffler IN ONE MUFFLER!


Waldron’s Driver Controlled Exhaust (DCE) muffler.



Complete Dual Exhaust System for 1960 and 1961 Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth and DeSoto vehicles equipped with Ram Induction!


This kit includes the right and left exhaust pipes, H connector pipe, pre-heater tubes,
manifold flange gaskets, 4 saddle clamps and stainless steel heater tube mounting bolts, intermediate pipes, (2) mufflers and tailpipes.


The complete exhaust system is available in aluminized steel or Type 409 stainless steel; heat riser tubes are steel.
These are reproductions of the original factory pipes and tubes, including welded flanges and heater tube connector outlets.



H Pipe and pre-heater tube system


Complete System:




1966 and 1967 Ford “7 Litre” Exhaust systems!

System includes front H pipe, 2 intermediate pipes with integral custom performance resonator/mufflers and 2 integrated over-axle/resonator/tailpipes

Welded mounting brackets fit the original hanger locations!


7 Litre Exhaust systems

H Pipe Intermediate pipes, tailpipes and muffler/resonator units are available in Aluminized Steel or 409 Stainless!


7 Litre Exhaust systems






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