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NEW From Waldron’s!

“Arvinode” Dual Exhaust System


Our reproduction of the original, “Arvinode” dual exhaust system is now available. This system fits all 64-66 289 Mustangs with dual exhaust.


This new product brings back the original sound, appearance and performance of this rare and unusual exhaust system. With a Concours model for judged vehicles and a Base model for everyone else, you can enjoy this truly different system on YOUR Mustang!


Our re-creation of the Mustang Arvinode system will fit any 289 Mustang from 1964 through 1966 equipped with dual exhaust and an original or reproduction 2” diameter H pipe.


Waldron's is proud to have worked with Dave Wallace, Charles Turner, Bob Mannel, Jim Abbott, Dick Irwin, and a number of K-Code owners to re-create this system.



Have a listen!


Waldron’s Product:

Our reproduction Arvinode dual exhaust system looks and sounds like the original product while offering longer life and easier installation. Like the originals, the outer shells of our mufflers and resonators are manufactured from aluminized steel to maintain the proper appearance. All outer dimensions are identical to the original design. Modern materials and technology have allowed us to make improvements to the tubing, mufflers and resonators for longer life while maintaining the look, fit and sound of the original system.
Complete system
Click Image To Enlarge
rear resonators installed
rear resonators installed

Our heavier gauge tubing will last longer than the original parts. Interestingly, the heavier gauge steel eliminated the need for the rectangular tubes that were added to the original Arvinode front mufflers for vibration dampening. We are able to reproduce the correct sound with or without the rectangular tube.

Originally, each side of the system was installed as a one-piece welded assembly in the vehicle assembly plant. Since you can’t have your exhaust installed in build sequence at the assembly plant, we make each side of our system in 4 pieces to enable your installation. You can weld the joints after installation for a “Concours” correct look, or purchase our reproduction saddle clamps to complete the installation with clamped joints. (We recommend that you weld the system to maintain proper alignment and appearance).




Waldron’s offers two models; a “Concours” reproduction model and a “Base” model.


The Concours model is intended for judged vehicles and is designed to achieve the highest judging scores. It includes rectangular dampener tubes welded to the outer surface of the front mufflers.


The CONCOURS model includes:
• Two intermediate pipes that connect the H pipe outlets to the front mufflers
• Two front mufflers WITH RECTANGULAR TUBES
(These “dampener” tubes are unique to this product).
• Two over-axle pipes
• Two resonators with turndowns
• All mufflers and pipes are aluminized steel; clamps are regular steel.
• LIST PRICE: $560.00

Proto IV intermediate pipes and front mufflers
Proto IV intermediate pipes and front mufflers


The Base model is for those who want the fun, sound and appearance of the original system without the extra cost to achieve the exact original appearance. We think the Waldron’s Base model is the way the OEM system would be manufactured today.


The BASE model includes:
• Two intermediate pipes that connect the H pipe outlets to the front mufflers
• Two over-axle pipes
• Two resonators with turndowns
• All mufflers and pipes are aluminized steel.
• LIST PRICE: $425.00




What was the “Arvinode” System?
Mustangs built from October, 1964 through March, 1965 with High-Performance 289 "K"-code engines were equipped with a unique dual exhaust system. Originally produced by Arvin, the system did not utilize conventional mufflers; instead, the exhaust note was “tuned” by combining the effects of resonance tubes in the front “mufflers” with conventional resonators integrated into the tailpipes. The sound was unique; low, aggressive and loud. And it increased peak torque and horsepower!


Most owners of this system loved it.


Legend has it that some drivers of these hot Mustangs collected “excessive noise” tickets for their aggressive sound. While the sound might not have generated much attention coming from their father’s sedan, it may have encouraged police to issue tickets when it came from a speeding Mustang driven by a “kid”. It was much easier to change the exhaust sound than the driving style of the Mustang owner to reduce tickets and soon, the unique Arvinode sound was gone!

Ford ultimately replaced the system with the later GT style dual exhaust. In 1965, Ford issued a technical service bulletin that provided instructions for replacing the front Arvinode mufflers with conventional mufflers if customers complained of excessive noise. Correct, replacement parts for the Arvinode system were consumed and have not been available to Mustang owners since the late '60's.


How did Waldron’s do it?
Late in 2007, we were contacted by Dave Wallace, owner of a 1965 “K-Code” originally equipped with the Arvinode system. Dave asked if we were willing to take on the development project. Our owner, Joe Tonietto, finds this type of project to be fun and one of the key reasons why he is in this industry. Following the success of the DCE muffler launch, he was looking for our next new project. We agreed to work with Dave to re-create this interesting piece of Mustang history.


Dave Wallace, Mustang Detective Extraordinaire!
Dave had researched the system and knew many of the facts about production dates (From approximately October 10, 1964 through approximately March 22, 1965), part numbers and part appearance. He had acquired a photo of a rusted system that had been removed from Herb Gordon’s car. The photo shows a pile of parts on a garage floor and reveals that each of the front “mufflers” was equipped with a rectangular tube along its length.


Click Image To Enlarge


Armed with the names of the inventors, Dave was able to locate Dick Irwin, a surviving son of one of the original patent engineers, the late Ben Irwin. Dick was able to contact Jim Abbott, an Arvin retiree who was instrumental in advancing this project. Both men would be critical to the success of the project.

Dave’s investigation of the history of this little-known exhaust system has included interactions with many other “K-Code” owners and a number of Mustang experts. Through the US Trademark and Patent Office, he was able to locate the long-expired “Arvinode” patents.

Abbott supervided the Arvin prototype shop at the Columbus, Indiana facility for over three decades. He had vivid memories of the Mustang “Arvinode” system and provided some dimensional information and well as a confirmation of the system's acoustic functions. Abbott confirmed the design and orientation of the resonance tubes and explained the dampening function of the external rectangular tubes.

Wallace also sought – and received – historical information and input from Bob Mannel (author of “Mustang & Ford Small Block V8 1962-1969” http://www.fordsmallblock.com/), Charles Turner, the Mustang Club of America's Head Judge for 1st and 2nd generation Mustangs and various members of the HiPo Mustang eKschange forum. Armed with this information, Waldron’s was able to faithfully re-create the original design.

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Coming soon
The Arvinode exhaust system utilized unique hangers and mounting brackets. Concours correct reproductions of these accessories are expected late 2008.



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