1967-69 Pontiac Firebird V8 Stock Dual Exhaust

1967-69 Pontiac Firebird V8 Stock Dual Exhaust


This listing covers model years 1967, 1968, and 1969 Firebird’s with the stock V8 and stock dual exhaust.

Photos depicts the exhaust system for MY’s 1967-68 Firebirds stock V8 (except 400HO & Ram Air). 

  • Dual exhaust system consists of the LS/RS exhaust pipes, LS/RS resonators, LS/RS connector pipes, dual in/dual out transverse muffler, and LS/RS tailpipes.
  • The system for the Non HO or RA engines starts out at 2″OD, increases to 2¼”OD at the connector pipes, then decreases back to 2″OD.
  • The system exhaust pipes for HO & RA engines are 2¼”OD flared to 2½”OD at the manifolds, connector pipes are 2¼”OD and then reduces to 2″OD on the tailpipes.
  • Regarding HO & RA setups: We are no longer able of offer the stock cast iron flanges. The exhaust pipes will come with universal flanges. If you have the stock cast iron flanges, keep them and reuse them.


  • Our exhaust systems are made to order. For our current lead time, please refer to the gray banner above.
  • For orders shipping within the 48 USA contiguous states, the shipping charges will calculate correctly. For orders shipping outside the 48 USA contiguous states, please submit your order without payment, we will get in touch with you with your shipping options and get your order completed.
  • The following statement pertains to pipes only (mufflers have a 1 year warranty regardless of material chosen) and to vehicles that are not daily drivers and are stored in an enclosed building: Aluminized Steel has a life expectancy of 20-25 years and is considered to be truer to the original material on vintage vehicles. T409 Stainless Steel is ferric and magnets will stick to it. T409 stainless steel is the same type of stainless used by car manufactures today and will never rust through, although it may develop pock-marks of rust which can simply be buffed out.
  • When building our exhaust systems; where (or if) it requires a pipe diameter of 2” or larger, it will be 14-gauge tubing, where (or if) it requires a pipe diameter smaller than 2”, it will be 16-gauge tubing.
  • Check out our On-line Swap Meet for both aftermarket and OEM (some) H pipes and Y pipes, along with “odd ball” mufflers.

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Aluminized Steel, T409 Stainless Steel

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